javascriptRRD - Client-side access to RRD files


As the name implies (Javascript RRD), javascriptRRD is a javascript library for reading and interpreting RRD (Round Robind Database) files from both remote Web servers and local file directories. It uses AJAX-like techniques, but without any code being run on a remote Web server; i.e. it provides a purely client-side access to RRD files.

The javascriptRRD package provides the basic RRD reading libraries, as well as helper libraries to make displaying of RRD files easy with the Flot library.

Current release

The current stable release is 1.1.1.
It was released on Dec 17th 2013.

It has been tested extensively with Flot 0.7 and 0.8.1, using Firefox 26 under Linux and IE10&11 under Windows. Other platforms are expected to work, but have not been tested.

Simple example

Below you can see two representations of a sample RRD.

The first one shows the full power of javascriptRRD+Flot. Try change selecting various attributes, zoom in or change the resolution.
(The code that does it all is fully included in the example1.js include file.)

The second one is instead a simpler version that shows a fixed view of it.
(The code that does it is fully included in the example2.js include file.)